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Paint Correction Package

Good As New

Starting at $800

Package Includes:

Use our Paint Correction Service to Add Gloss and Improve Pride

Over time, the sun begins to set on the new look of your car, truck, or SUV. The wear and tear of driving every day in Elgin, Illinois replaces your once beautiful paint shine as all the contaminants, debris, and road hazards found in our area leave their mark in your vehicle’s clear coat. We hate seeing you hang your head in shame as you unlock your front door and hop behind the wheel.

It is time to do something about it! Come to CM3 Detailing Studio & Ceramic Coating for a restorative paint correction process provided by highly trained and certified paint correction experts! Our cutting, buffing, polishing, and jeweling package will fully erase light scratching, etching, stains, and oxidation while bringing out paint gloss, deep shine, and the pride you once felt in your ride.

Each automobile has special needs compared to the next, and the paint correction team here at CM3 Detailing Studio & Ceramic Coating works collaboratively with each customer and their car, truck, or SUV to ensure that all of their needs are fulfilled. To start, fill out our FREE quick quote form by clicking below and give us a little information about your ride and what you hope to get out of our paint correction package.